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UCLA DAYS is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (R01MH110476) in an effort to better understand the development of anxiety in children as they transition into adolescence. Participation in the study involves two visits to UCLA for the next three years. During the first visit children receive a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, answer some parent/child questionnaires, play a series of computer tasks, and provide a blood and saliva sample. Kids are also given a special watch called an actigraph to wear for one week at night in between their first and second visit so that we can track their sleep habits. At their second visit children complete an fMRI (brain scan) and play another computer game. Parking during both sessions will be paid for by the study, and we compensate families $100 for participation.  Families who choose to participate will come back twice each year for three years, and they will be compensated for all follow up visits.



Anxiety is the most common mental health problem affecting children and teens.  Researchers estimate that as many as one in three kids will meet criteria for an anxiety disorder by the time they are 18.   Importantly, although anxiety peaks in adolescence, doctors do not yet know why. DAYS is focused on understanding how the rapid brain development that takes place during the transition to adolescence is linked to anxiety and how it interacts with peer, family, and neighborhood influences over time.



Please note that study enrollment is now closed. However, we are continuing to bring back participants who are due for their Year 2 and 3 visits. If you are due back for a return visit, we will be in touch via phone or email. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us with questions!

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